BzRobot Mission

We’re entering a new age in robotics, one where intelligent machines move out of the factory and into our everyday lives. Computer vision, machine learning, embedded computing -- these technologies are now everywhere. Very soon, robots will be too. They’ll improve everything about how people work, share, collaborate and enjoy.

Our mission is to provide the Universal Intelligent Robot Operating System (IROS) that helps make that happen. What is IROS? IROS is a collection of software packages and utilities built to address many of the most pressing challenges in robotics design. It includes a real-time core, middleware components, user-interface plugins and application core packages that make it faster and easier to build robots to meet almost any need. IROS even comes with an online application store and cloud service, so it’s extensible and easy to update. At BZ Intelligent Robot, we’re tinkers at heart, and we think openness and ingenuity drive innovation. That’s why we’re committed to keeping IROS open source, and providing our hardware toolkits free of charge. Our highest goal is to provide things that will be helpful to the robotics community, so you can build things that revolutionize industry and improve consumers’ lives.

  • IROS 1.0

    IROS is the heart of the BZ Robot Controller. It vertically integrates motion/path planning, servo control, I/O management, communication, data analysis, multi-robot coordination etc. It offers the users the the maximal flexibility, accuracy and intelligence for robot programming.

  • Multiple user thread
    Support up to 50 user interrupts
    Online trajectory generation; continuous trajectory generation
    Singularity avoidance
    Direct torque control, adaptive PID control
    Error handling and diagnostics
    64-bit soft inputs and outputs
    16-bit digital inputs and 16-bit digital outputs
    Support up to 20 robot models
    Support offline programming
    Support 8 tool frames and 8 base frames

responsive devices
  • TaiChi Controller 1.0

  • High performance ARM+FPGA SOC chip
    Support Yaskawa and Servotronics ServoPaks
    Support incremental and absolute encoders
    Ethercat real-time bus, ethernet and serial ports
    16 digital input and output

responsive devices


  • TR-6

    It is a flexible robot with dexterous workspace, ideal for high-speed assembling for consumer electronics.

  • Payload 6kg.

    Max.reach 650mm

  • Number of axes 6

    Repeatability 0.02mm

    Controller BZC1.0

responsive devices
  • TR-4-SCARA

    TR-4-SCARA is a fast-moving robot, ideal for high-speed pick and place machine for consumer electronics industries.

  • Payload 3kg.
    Max.reach 650mm

  • Number of axes 4
    Repeatability 0.02mm
    Controller BZC1.0

responsive devices


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